A Fantastic Car Collection – To say the least!

Best Driving Song of All Time

MASSIVE crash at 2012 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix

At the fantastic Spa-Francorchamps course this weekend there was a huge crash at turn 1 (La Source), as well as a jump-start by Pastor Maldonado!

The crash knocked out 4 cars, Hamilton, Grosjean, Alonso, and Perez. Kobayashi suffered from mechanical problems for the rest of the race as a result of collateral damage.


How to replace a steering gear on an S-10

His car is a bit messy, but the video is not bad…

great video on replacing wheel cylinders

thanks to AutoRepairHelp101 for shooting this great video!

How to replace the Master Cylinder

A good video from Ericthecarguy on how to remove your Master Cylinder.

Bleed your brake lines!

Doing a Caliper or pad replacement in your driveway or garage?

Check out this video for a refresher on how to remove the brake lines and bleed them properly!



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How to remove Calipers

Here’s a great video from expertvillage on how to remove Calipers.

You have to watch it on Youtube, but it’s a great little how-to.